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Gas safety seven matters needing attention

2017-08-16 08:28:39 SHIYA GAS VALVE Read

Winter season, in addition to pay attention to heating safety, electricity safety, the safe use of gas is also the public should pay special attention to. The day before, Qingdao energy group Gas Co in the home safety inspection, found hidden safety problems some users in the home, such as indoor ventilation, are still in use without gas stove flameout protection device, some gas hose aging has no change in time, some did not play cards hose ends and so on, these security problems are easy to cause accidents the. Here, the energy group Gas Co summed up the seven major gas safety precautions, to remind the general public in the winter season safe gas.

Attention should be paid to indoor ventilation when using gas

Entering the winter, it is also a frequent season of gas accidents. The majority of the residents in the closed window warm at the same time, the use of gas, always pay attention to ventilation, to avoid accidents. If the indoor ventilation is bad, gas combustion will make the oxygen content in the air gradually reduced, insufficient oxygen supply will lead to incomplete combustion, resulting in a large number of carbon monoxide, toxic gases, causing poisoning.

With gas, remember to close the double valve"

In the use of gas, there must be someone to take care of, after each gas use, we must close the gas cooker and stove front valve. Found in home security, some residents run out of gas, often only close the switch of the gas cooker, and does not close the stove valve (gas riser valve), once the hose loose and easily lead to gas leakage, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate.

The hose needs to be replaced two years

Users in the use of gas, regular replacement of gas hose, not more than two years, if the hose is found aging, cracking, hard hair, yellow phenomenon should be replaced in a timely manner. Gas hose length shall not exceed 2 meters, and shall not have an interface (no three pass). Hose can not appear winding or through the wall. Especially the damp, dark kitchen

Always check whether the hose aging, cracking, especially to remind users must buy regular manufacturers of gas hose.

Both ends of the hose clamp must be tightened

The gas hose end and then the other end of the stove, gas pipeline, which are used at both ends of the connecting pipe clamp screw. Residents must often view the clip is solid, such as loose or fall off to timely tightening, in order to avoid accidents.

Gas range with flameout protection device

At home security checks, some residents are still using no flameout protection device cooker. According to statistics, due to accidents caused by gas cooker unexpected flameout, accounting for about 30% of indoor gas accidents. But if you use a gas stove flameout protection device, when the fire is blown out or overflow extinguished soup, flameout protection device can automatically cut off the gas, effectively prevent accidents, protect the safety of the lives and property of the people. It is also recommended that users who do not have flameout protection appliances are still using. For your and your family's safety, please replace the gas cooker with flameout protection device as soon as possible.

The use of gas facilities is subject to periodic replacement

Natural gas cooker, water heater service life is eight years, beyond the length of the year there is a security risk, please residents regularly replace the extended use of gas appliances, to ensure safety, no hidden dangers. In particular, straight row gas water heater has been clearly defined, is strictly prohibited.

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